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Feasibility Study Covers All the Needs For Your Business

Detailed and Certified Feasibility Study & Analysis

From Market Research, Demand Forecasting, Competitive Analysis, To Startup Costs and Operations

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Why Do You Need a Feasibility Study Consultant in Dubai?

A comprehensive business plan is key to your success. Our experienced business plan consultants in Dubai will help you develop a strategy that will give your business the competitive advantage you need. From market research and analysis, Highest and best use study, Competition analysis, App feasibility study, HR planning, to Financial Feasibility Analysis.

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Our Work Process

5 Steps Feasibility Research Process

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About Us

Alma Consulting Group (ACG) offers a wide range of business consulting services focused on startup business consulting such as: business plan, Market Research, feasibility study and growth planning. We provide our clients with the right solutions to successfully meet their business needs.

We provide the best feasibility and business plan expert service in Dubai. We draft a complete feasibility study with end-to-end information of your business plan.


At Alma Consulting Group (ACG), we assist startups and investors in creating a detailed feasibility report that clearly defines all aspects of the project, including an initial assessment of market size, competition and identifying opportunities to maximize profitability while minimizing risk, ensuring you are operating in an optimal market environment.

Our services are tailored to the unique requirements of your startup or SME. We have helped countless companies in the Dubai and the UAE start and grow their businesses and increase profitability by leveraging market opportunities, shortening decision cycles and increasing cost-efficiency across all aspects of their organizations.

Our Reviews on Google

  • What is the process for developing a comprehensive business plan?
    Our process for developing a business plan includes identifying the target market, analyzing the competition, defining the business model and revenue streams, creating a marketing and sales strategy, and creating financial projections. You can see the process illustrated here:
  • How do you ensure confidentiality and protection of client data?
    We take the protection of client data very seriously and have strict confidentiality protocols in place to ensure the security of all information shared with us. One of the first documents we sign before engaging with our clients is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • How do you ensure that your solutions are practical and can be implemented?
    Our solutions are developed through detailed research from real-time, current sources and primary research activities to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the data and information we provide
  • What industries do you have experience working in?
    Our consultants have experience working across a range of industries including real estate development, Industrial and Manufacturing, Technology, retail, and more.
  • Can you assist with securing funding for my business?
    Our team can provide support and guidance on funding options, including preparing funding proposals and connecting clients with potential investors.
  • Do you help businesses outside of Dubai?
    Yes, we have completed projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and across the Middle East.
  • How do you approach feasibility studies for a new business idea?
    Our approach to feasibility studies involves conducting a comprehensive analysis of the market, competition, target customers, and operational requirements to determine the viability of a new business idea.
  • Do you offer ongoing support after the completion of a project?
    Yes, we offer post-project support and retainer services to ensure the success and sustainability of the solutions we provide. Our support includes Digital Marketing, Recruitment, Procurement, and Licensing services.
  • How do you determine the cost of your services for a specific project?
    The cost of our services is determined based on the scope and complexity of the project, as well as the resources required. We provide a detailed project proposal and quote after conducting an initial consultation with the client.
  • How long does a typical project take to complete?
    The duration of a project depends on the scope and complexity of the work. On average, a feasibility study or business plan project may take 3-5 weeks to complete.
  • Can you assist with market research for my industry in Dubai?
    Yes, our team has extensive experience in conducting market research for a variety of industries in Dubai and the wider Middle East region.
  • What is your experience with government regulations and procedures in Dubai?
    Our consultants have extensive experience navigating the regulatory environment in Dubai and are familiar with the processes and requirements for obtaining licenses, permits, and approvals.
  • Can you give examples of the types of businesses Alma Consulting Group (ACG) helps?
    Alma Consulting Group (ACG) is working with multiple types of businesses in Dubai. Examples are: Real Estate Development, Metal Factories, Manufacturing Businesses, Restaurants and Cafes, Real Estate Brokerage companies, Apps and tech platforms, and many more
  • How Much Does a Feasibility Study Cost?
    Financial feasibility study: 8,000–12,000 AED Complete business planning: 15,000–18,000 AED Business planning with pitch deck: 20,000–25,000 AED
  • What is a company feasibility study?
    Before starting a new business, you should conduct a feasibility study to determine if it's economically viable and sustainable. This helps you understand if there's demand if you can generate enough revenue, and if you're compliant with regulations. The study helps you make informed decisions about proceeding, modifying, or abandoning the idea. It's critical to minimize risks and maximize success. Conduct a feasibility study before starting a business to understand demand, revenue potential, and compliance with regulations. It helps you make informed decisions, minimize risks, and maximize success.
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