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Feasibility Study Covers All the Needs For Your Business Plan

Detailed and Certified Feasibility Study & Analysis

From Market Research, Demand Forecasting, Competitive Analysis, To Startup Costs and Operations

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Why Do You Need a Feasibility Study Consultant in Dubai?

A comprehensive business plan is key to your success. Our experienced business plan consultants in Dubai will help you develop a strategy that will give your business the competitive advantage you need. From market research and analysis, Highest and best use study, Competition analysis, App feasibility study, HR planning, to Financial Feasibility Analysis.

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Our Work Process

5 Steps Feasibility Research Process

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Alma Consulting Group (ACG) offers a wide range of business consulting services focused on startup business consulting such as: business plan, Market Research, feasibility study and growth planning. We provide our clients with the right solutions to successfully meet their business needs.

We provide the best feasibility and business plan expert service in Dubai. We draft a complete feasibility study with end-to-end information of your business plan.


At Alma Consulting Group (ACG), we assist startups and investors in creating a detailed feasibility report that clearly defines all aspects of the project, including an initial assessment of market size, competition and identifying opportunities to maximize profitability while minimizing risk, ensuring you are operating in an optimal market environment.

Our services are tailored to the unique requirements of your startup or SME. We have helped countless companies in the Dubai and the UAE start and grow their businesses and increase profitability by leveraging market opportunities, shortening decision cycles and increasing cost-efficiency across all aspects of their organizations.

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