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Guidelines to Raise Startup Funds Like a Pro

Updated: Feb 21

Proven techniques and tools to help with your startup funding journey

Startups and enterprises typically find it difficult to raise funding due to a lack of track record, low brand recognition and a myriad of other reasons, but if you have the appropriate partners and guidance, it can get much simpler and easier.

A well-articulated business concept is necessary to attract the appropriate partners, such as angel investors, venture capitalists, and other sources of startup investment; here is where The Pitch Deck comes into play.

Delivering an appealing and natural pitch requires both practice and elegance. Based on the expert's suggestions from our team at Alma Consulting Group (ACG), we deconstruct the fundamentals to make it easier for every startup to make the perfect pitch deck.

Here are some tips on how to identify, develop, and create the most significant business partnerships with the right investors.

Key takeaways from this article

  1. The formation of a startup and its investment rounds.

  2. What an ideal investor looks for: investable startups.

  3. What investors seek in a Startup Team.

  4. What should be on your Pitch Deck.

  5. How to position your brand in an investment presentation.

The formation of a startup and its investment rounds

Every business needs money to turn its unique ideas into reality, regardless of the nature and scale of operations. Because they are unable to raise enough money, most firms fail. You require some financial resources to always maintain the viability of your company. If you are new to the startup business and have no prior experience raising funding, you need first become familiar with these various stages. And here is the main difference between startup funding rounds.

So, what an ideal investor looks for in investable startups?

The next thing to do is figure out how to attract investors if you have decided to look for investment from them. What influences an investor's decision to invest in one company over another? What you will need to persuade them to choose yours is listed below.

Early-stage business investors want to see a return on their investment more than anything else (ROI). You will be 90% of the way there if you can show that your venture will profit them. If your business has been operating for some time, you must have a strong track record of financial success. If your business has not launched yet, you'll have to rely on a business plan and projections.

What investors seek in a Startup Team

Having a solid team is crucial since a startup is only as good as the sum of its members. Here are the qualities your startup's employees or cofounders should possess.